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LeBreton Flats Master Plan

"To become a signature destination for visitors to Canada’s Capital

LeBreton Flats occupies one of the most beautiful waterfront sites in Canada’s Capital, and its revitalization is a priority for the National Capital Commission (NCC). LeBreton Flats remains the Capital’s last largely undeveloped consolidated urban property and represents a unique opportunity to create an exemplary vibrant urban community, employment and tourism precinct, and public gathering place in the heart of Canada’s Capital, within easy walking distance of Parliament Hill and the central business district.

The recent remediation of contaminated soils in the sector bounded by Wellington Street, Booth Street and the open heritage aqueduct, and the added accessibility provided by the soon-to-be-completed Ottawa light rail transit (LRT) system, have set the stage for the NCC to begin seeking development teams with the capability, vision and experience to attract a significant new character of development to the area. The NCC is now making a prime portion of these lands available for redevelopment.

Interim Vocation of LeBreton Flats

The NCC consulted the public last spring to advance an interim vocation to make recently decontaminated sites at the southwest and southeast corners of Booth and Wellington streets accessible to the public in summer 2015.

Redevelopment of LeBreton Flats

We envisage a bold, new anchor institution that will welcome the public, serve as an economic driver, feature innovative use of the land, and bring design excellence, animation and a unique public experience to the nation’s capital. We are calling on the world’s best to come forth and make it a reality."

Source: National Capital Commission - Master Plans. October, 2014.