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6 reasons why your home is not selling — besides price Plus tips on how to solve the problems


  • Showcase a home’s location by utilizing the Walk Score, day and night photos, and a drone to capture unseen views.

  • Negative energy comes in multiple forms.

  • Pets and owners can inhibit the selling process.

It is true that at the right price, every home will sell, regardless of what it looks like and where it is. However, there are some things that should have more emphasis placed on them prior to listing the home for sale.

The six items listed below along with price will increase the seller’s bottom line:

1. Location

We are not just talking about location within the city, but the location within the neighborhood, too.

Here are a few things you can do to utilize location:

  • Check the Walk Score of the home (100 is the highest).

  • Take a compass to the property and note in the listing which side of the house the sun rises and sets on.

  • Take photos at night, as well as during the day, to highlight the night view.

  • Pay a company such as TourBuzz (see demo here) to create an aerial view with a drone to highlight areas that can’t be seen from the ground.

2. Negative energy

There are many different reasons why your property might need a positive shift in energy.

There are metaphysical, earthly and technology-related issues that could be causing negative energy — including, but not limited to:

  • Negative thoughts.

  • Disturbed energy from current or previous owners.

  • Faulting pressures.

  • Negative magnetic fields.

  • Disturbances from naturally occurring underground water.

  • Electrical appliance overusages such as cellphones, computers, microwave ovens and hair dryers.

  • Antiques residing in the home for long periods.

  • Secondhand furniture.

  • Ancient works of art around the house.

To alleviate these issues, hire a professional vibrational consultant, someone who works with energy-clearing solutions for problem properties.

There are metaphysical, earthly and technology-related issues that could cause negative energy.

3. Showing restrictions

Do appointments only if you have to, but not as a common practice, please. The more complicated it is to get inside, the more likely the buyer is to keep looking.

Having as many eyes on the property and having it available for buyers to view is the absolute best way to get offers quickly.

4. Commission

There is no standard commission rate for real estate agents, but the less you offer, the more likely you are going to influence whether that property gets to the top of the list of homes to view that day.

Try offering a higher-than-average commission split or a bonus to the buyer’s agent to try to influence who comes in and when.

5. Lived in

Homeowners who live in the home while trying to show it daily bring a unique set of challenges, as the buyer is always trying to envision themselves in the home without personal items and furniture.

Hire a professional cleaning service and ask that most of the furniture pieces be put into storage during the listing period. Or you could hire an interior decorator to give advice your homeowner will listen to and appreciate

6. Animals

I realize that animals are like children to many people, but as the homeowner is moving out, the buyer will want to see, feel, smell and imagine the home without a pet in it.

The best solution is to remove the animal from the home during showings or altogether during the listing period. The second best option is to keep the animal safe inside the home during showings by providing a crate for them to rest comfortably in while people walk through.

Lastly, make sure any animal feces is picked up, or hire someone to do it, in the front and backyard for potential buyers to walk the property.

What it all comes down to is getting the home into a show-ready state, by having it staged, cleaned and neutralized to the best of your ability.

Then you show off the home’s best assets and get as many buyers as possible to see it. These six tips should help you accomplish these tasks and make your seller happy.

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