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Here Comes the Sun: Possibly the Most Realistic Artificial Skylight Ever

A group of Italian scientists have unveiled CoeLux, a new lighting system that imitates natural sunlight more accurately than ever before. Unsurprisingly given the occupation of its creators, the product employs no small amount of scientific principles to achieve this effect: Light is passed through a filter consisting of nanoparticles closely correlating with the properties of Earth’s atmosphere.

This phenomenon, we are reliably informed, utilizes the same scientific process that “makes the sky blue.” This means that the color and quality of the resulting light matches sunlight perfectly, raising the possibility of well-lit environments in the depths of single-aspect buildings, or even subterranean spaces.

The lighting and interior finishes in the images presented by Coelux are pristine, to the point that one assumes they must be computer generated. However, the company insists that these photographs are not digitally altered, and the accompanying video appears to back this up: Collaborators Kevin Andrew of Ideaworks and Professor Paolo Di Trapani of Coelux are seen chatting about the project whilst bathed in the soft white light from their skylight above.

If you are still skeptical, you will soon have the opportunity to inspect in person: the Coelux Skylight will be on show at Lux Live in November this year.

If this thing takes off, just imagine the possibilities — we could soon be living in Truman Show-esque domes deep under the earth… or, at least, that basement conversion you’ve been considering might start to look a little more appealing.

When it comes to sunlight, it appears the sky may no longer be the limit...

source:, Feb 13, 2015, The Angry Architect